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Video Tutorial| How to Comb Steam Curly Hair Extensions After Wash to Best

How to Comb Steam Curly Hair Extensions After Wash to Best

When Comb hair products curly steam after wash, you must note the same methods and instruments to get the best hair, does not affect the quality of the hair

Method Comb

1. Brush the hair from the bottom up - not comb hair top-down
2. Comb carefully with small part of hair
3. Do not comb the hair in the country

Tool to comb hair

1. Use the comb big, do not use combs with small density
2. After combing your hair, use hair conditioner to protect hair

Please use and care hair properly. You will make hair beautiful more in longer time
Please contact us if you have any queries. we are provide products for hair, but we can also advise on the issues of hair for you.
Thank you very much!

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